DOCK11, Berlin, December 2012
  • Performance, text and choreography: Tabea Xenia Magyar and Anna Nowicka
  • Sound: Roy Caroll
  • Costumes: Ermina Apostolaki
  • Voice coaching: Eva Mirjam Spaeth
  • Mentor: Gabriela Ela Daedelow
  • Premiere: DOCK11, Berlin, 6 XII. 2012; further performances: InZucht Festival, Berlin, 2013, 2015; Inhibition Festival, Berlin 2015
“Rost” was created as a part of a bigger project: “Bewegungsschreiber”, initiated by Ingo Reulecke and Martina Hefter in 2012. The process was aiming at establishing dialogue and artistic exchange between dancers / choreographers and poets, offering them a chance to question the traditional form of their media. Since 2012, three versions of “Rost” were developed, the latest aiming at becoming a full-evening performance, with premiere in 2016.

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