Anna Nowicka

flitter, flutter, glitter, gutter (or any combination of the four)

Ufer Studios/ Berlin/ November 2011
  • Concept and choreography: Just in F. Kennedy
  • Performance: Justin F. Kennedy and Anna Nowicka
  • Music: Johannes Wengel
  • Scenography, costumes and light design: Sas Kovacevic
  • Production: HZT Berlin
  • Premiere: 19. November 2011, Ufer Studios, Berlin
  • Further performances: 28.11.2012, Warszawska Noc Tańca, Warsaw; 09.05.2015, Laboratorium Ruchu ESKK, Wrocław
“flitter, flutter, glitter, gutter (or any combination of the four)” explores the art of communication and the desire to connect by creating an open process in which the performers, the spectators and the space are all included. The piece questions if and how the duet can become a vehicle for group ritual and resonance? In a world where interpersonal communication is changing exponentially, what is the necessity for face-to-face interpersonal communication and interaction? Within the piece, we play with shifting interpretations, images, and meanings. The piece engages in the conflict between real and fake and how the space between real and fake authorizes us to trick ourselves into wonderful actions including but not limited to (re)imagination and transformation.