Anna Nowicka


Ballhaus Ost / Berlin / June 2015
  • Concept and Choreography:: Anna Nowicka, Ivona Šijaković, Patrycja Pi Pa Piwosz
  • Performed by: Anna Nowicka, Ivona Šijaković, Patrycja Pi Pa Piwosz
  • Production: Nowicka / Šijaković in coproduction with M.I.C.A. and Ballhaus Ost.
  • Premiere: 27.06.2015, Ballhaus Ost, Berlin
  • Further performances: 28.06.2015, Ballhaus Ost, Berlin; 31.07.2016, STS, Warsaw
Restless, I roam toward the origin of my rootlessness. Dazed though fully aware, I envision my boundaries. Here I am, a trace of a descended knotty wholeness. A particle, a fragment, a gibberish piece, clinging to the last strand. Nonetheless, I wish to form it, shape it, crave it, braid it, pluck it and shave it bare- because it, precisely it, denotes the base of my disobedience. My last strand, my last resort, a scrap of time in unconquered eternity. HERS is a dance installation grown out of artificial and real hair, and hair – like materials, embedded in the theater space, forming a landscape, a dream-like environment, a body, which deals with hairy myths, stories and fairy tales. Three women of different backgrounds: choreographer Anna Nowicka, director Ivona Šijaković and visual artist Patrycja Pi Pa Piwosz depart on a journey following filamentous trails.
Funded by the Mayer of Berlin – Senatskanzlei – Kulturelle Angelegenheiten, with the support of the Polish Institute Berlin.