Anna Nowicka


PTL / Ljubljana / November 2009
  • Concept: Dragana Alfirevic
  • Autors: Dragana Alfirevic and Anna Nowicka
  • Performers: Anna Nowicka, Dragana Alfirevic, Lena Kordis, Maja Isakovic, Janja Buzecen, Jasna Pintaric, Simona Jerala, Manca Stare, Esta Matkovic, Nina Jereb, Ursa Dubravica, Meta Cerne, Teja Cerne, Maja Erzen
  • Dramaturgy: Dejan Srhoj
  • Visualities: Maja Smrekar
  • Graphic design: Natalja Radanovic
  • Sound: Peter Penko, Anita Key, Grimmski, Modern Quartet
  • Production: Dejan Srhoj, Dragana Alfirevic, Fico Balet
  • Premiere: Premiere: 20.11.2009, PTL, Ljubljana
  • Further performances: 2010, PTL, Ljubljana
“(…) In dance / theatrical performance: “Hommage a trois” the two authors Dragana Alfirevic and Anna Nowicka deal with authorship and ownership of ideas, originality and plagiarism, which are constant themes in the world of modern dance and performances. (…) A word game in the title “Hommage a trois” can be understood as a tribute or relations between three. In this performance, the third party together with the two authors can be flexible and can belong either to choreographer/director who is copied or the group of performers.”
Mojca Kumega “Delo” 20/11/2009
Stara Elektralna, Ljubljana, September 2010 … is a performance about why we do art and why art is today urgently needed.
It occured at a time when it is necessary to ask what is art, and once again affirm its place…

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