Anna Nowicka


MSN / Warsaw / November 2014
  • Date and place: MSN, Warsaw, November 2014
  • Conception and direction: Aleksandra Hirszfeld
  • Performers: Agnieszka Kryst, Anna Nowicka, Paweł Sakowicz, Katarzyna Sitarz
  • Production designer: Maorzata Kucewicz CENTRALA
  • Choreography and text director: Marta Ziółek
  • Costumes and AR: Krzysztof Syruc
  • Sound: Maria Kozłowska, Wojtek Urbański
  • Light installation: Architecture for Society of Knowledge / Architecture Department of Technical School in Warsaw: Marcin Strzała, Jacek Markusiewicz
  • Production: Ela Petruk, Ewa Paradowska BĘC ZMIANA
  • Graphic design: Olek Modzelewski
  • Premiere: 23.11.2014
Monadology. A treatise on relationality is a live stage installation based on Mondalogy, written by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz in 1714. His famous work seems to gain new actuality in the context of mutual interplay of human body and city. The installation in its structure corresponds to chosen concepts of Leibniz world. All elements that build the life stage installation, like the architectural design, the audio installation or even the graphic elements that are used on the costumes correspond to five chosen issues that organize the structure of Leibniz’s world, but at the same time we can find them in the contemporary world. These are: perspective, perception, networking, monologue and repetition.

Watch video, password: monadologia