Anna Nowicka


MYSLIM REKU / Think of a river /

Historical Museum / Novi Sad / May 2008
  • Concept / Directing: Nhandan Chirco
  • Choreography: Mala Kline
  • Dance: Mala Kline and Anna Nowicka
  • Composer: Milan Aleksic
  • Realized for: "flow. Festival of a Dialogue between Culture and Science”
  • Production: Milan Vracar; AAC kulturanova, Novi Sad i YANVII, Włochy, with the support of SNP - Serbian National Theatre, Novi Sad
  • Premiere: 29.05.2008, Novi Sad, Serbia
Performance comissioned for the opening of the “flow. Festival of a Dialogue between Culture and Science”, dealing with a theme of the disappearance of Serbian culture. Two dancers, video installation, live orchestra and the space of the historical museum in Novi Sad.
Based on the fragments of Miroslava Mandic’s book and fragments of text by Horst Widmer.

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