Anna Nowicka



work in proces
  • Creation: Anna Nowicka, Aleksandra Osowicz
  • Dramaturgy: Eleonora Zdebiak
  • Premiere: 2019
“REAL” project is an embodied exploration of virtual realities (VR) technologies, and the ways in which the latest developments in electronics can determine the future worlds we will live in. The project is a critical examination of the submissive role of the body in a digitalized era, and a consequent evolution of my long-term interest in the theme of imagination, dreams and their relationship with movement. “REAL” is a collaboration with a Cologne based dramaturge Eleonora Zdebiak, and Aleksandra Osowicz – visual artist, performer and dancemaker, with whom I will share the stage. “REAL” project aims at diving into virtual realities, staging their imaginary landscapes, applying their rules and seeing what potential for movement and (re)activation they hold. How to rework these ready-made imaginations so that they would awaken the abandoned, immobilized body? How to subvert unification by taking sameness to an extreme? How to expose the captivating fraud of disembodied fantasy, and experience the immense possibilities the body holds?