Anna Nowicka


ROMEO IN PUBLIKA / Romeo and the public /

Ljubljana / December 2008
  • Directing: Tomi Janezic and Mala Kline
  • Performance: Gyula Cserepes, Luke Dunne, Katja Legin, Lada Petrovski, Ana Stefance, Ilkem Ulugun, Anna Nowicka, Lucija Barisic, Matjaz Jankovic, Sara Perrin Saric, Mladen Vujcic, Matic Starina
  • Music: Tomaz Grom
  • Light: Jaka Simenc
  • Production: En-Knap and Creative Center /Acting Studio/ Krusce
  • Premiere: 16.12.2008, Ljubljana
Collaboration between the oldest slovenian contemporary dance group En-Knap (artistic director Iztok Kovac), and participants of the postgraduate artistic residency programme in Creative Center Krusce, resulting in a site-specific work, occupying the old shop venue right in the middle of Ljubljana. During the two weeks of performances, the audience was to see around 20 solo works and installations, questioning the meeting between the audience and an actor. Each scene was performed by a single artist for an individual spectator.

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