Anna Nowicka


Sic! Festival / Warsaw / June 2016
Shiftability / an improvisation evening at SIC! Festival with Jule Flierl, Hermann Heisig, Anna Nowicka, Maria F. Scaroni and Adam Świtała And so we meet again, in Warsaw. Our paths have crossed many times. We worked for each other, with each other, on each other, next to each other… we wished to be in the same project, and never made it. We are colleagues, collaborators, dance-makers, curators, discussion partners, neighbors, flatmates, best-friends and twins. We share dreams. We share curiosity for each other, and for improvising. This is the first time we meet altogether on stage. We meet to explore the possibilities of improvisation. To stretch it, bend it, twist it, fight it, endure it, turn it inside out, to dissolve completely and transform, go with it, and entirely surrender. Taking in all our past experiences, all the rules and teachings, all of our questions, with courage we dive into the unknown.