Anna Nowicka


Uferstudios / Berlin / June 2012
  • Concept: Anna Nowicka
  • Created and performed by: Anna Nowicka, Magdalena Ptasznik, Claire Vivianne Sobottke, Katarzyna Szugajew
  • Visuals: Katarzyna Szugajew
  • Light Design: Sandra Blatterer
  • Sound: Koen Nutters
  • Mentor: Simone Aughterlony and dr Christiane Berger
  • Production: HZT Berlin, with the support of Art Stations Foundation, Poznań and SC - Culture of Change
  • Premiere: 19 – 20.06.2012, Uferstudios, Berlin
“In front of me on the gate line at the airport, an old man just pushed an old woman onto the floor, tore his ticket in small pieces , threw it on her and left the gate saying no word. The woman kept lying on the floor, and started laughing very quietly. People looking shocked…” (Facebook status quote)
This work – my final thesis at the Ernst-Busch/HZT University in Berlin – is searching for ways,
in which weakness can be turned into a source of strength. Inspired by stand up comedy and crumping, I was working on the transformation of anger and dissatisfaction into a possitive force. How to reach a place from which crying and laughing originate, and shift the emotion into taking responsible actions. What does it mean to stand up and take a central place in the spotlight?