Anna Nowicka


Art Stations Foundation / Poznań / November 2010
  • Concept, choreography and performance: Anna Nowicka
  • Mentor: Peter Pleyer
  • Music: Tian Rotteveel
  • Technical realization: Łukasz Kędzierski
  • Graphics: Filip Gruber Bojovic
  • Visualities: Carito Maldonado, Juliane Brösemann
  • Produced: within the frame of the Solo Projekt 2010 by the Art Stations Foundation, supported by: HZT Berlin
  • Premiere: 28.11.2010, Art Stations Foundation
  • Further performances: 11.01.2011, Festival Tanztage, Berlin; 17.01.2011, Wibracje Taneczne, Wrocław; Festival "Przegląd Nowego Tańca", Warsaw; 08.12.2012, Polish Dance Platform, Poznań; Fringe Festival Edinburgh 2014; 23.10.2014, Tmuna Theater, Polish-Israeli Dance Platform, Tel Aviv; 13.03.2014, KRoki Festival, Kraków; 25 -26.05.2017, DOCK11, Berlin
Little by little we are replaced… by uninterrupted chain of images, enslaving one another, each image at its place, as each of us, at our place, in the chain of events on which we have lost all power. Where does
the border between truth and fiction lie? What lives under the layers of illusion? Nothing? The performance is inspired by life and work of Andy Kauman, American actor, comedian and entertainer. The artist kept blurring the border between “Andy Kaufman” as a real person and the characters he created, until he reached a total “invisibility” of the performer who, though physically present, appeared to vanish among the mirrorings of his self-representations. The solo is a continuation of the “Research into unknown” project, posing a question about one’s identity, and its’ relationship to reality and illusion.

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