Anna Nowicka


K3 / Hamburg / March 2013
  • Concept and choreography: Sheena McGrandles
  • Co-choreography: Anna Nowicka
  • Performance: Anna Nowicka, Sheena McGrandles
  • Dramaturgy: Ivona Sijakovic
  • Costume: Michiel Keuper
  • Light design: Henning Eggers
  • Mentors: Sharon Smith, Maria Scaroni and Joao da Silva
  • Premiere: 13.03.2013,K3, Hamburg
In one instance a body is carried by two pairs of double-jointed legs that finish at the pelvis, sometimes it’s headless, and sometimes a mess of parts that have the hallmarks of a tragedy. On another occasion
a body rolls fantastically, in spite of arms that are trying to grasp everything that comes their way. Through the interweaving of a body, voice and language we obsess ourselves with the impossibility of pinning things down. We become playmates that seek bodies and materials that resist a singular categorisation and call out to the unfamiliar and multiple that cannot be adequately conveyed in words alone.

Watch video, password: trueballs