Anna Nowicka



Open Spaces/ Tanzfabrik Berlin / February 2018
  • Choreografic method, Direction: Rosalind Crisp
  • Dance: Sunniva Egenes, Anna Nowicka, Céline Debyser, Max Fossati, Maya Dalinsky, Elise Brewer, Naïma Ferré, Daniella Eriksson, Käthe Kopf, Naama Ityel, Ana Jelušić, Adriana Josipovic, Rhiannon Newton, Nikolina Komljenovic, Martyna Lorenc, Susanne Martin, Diethild Meier, Andreas Müller, Lisa Nilsson, Benni Pohlig, Rain Saukas, Alexis Steeves, Ute Vetter, Kasia Wolinska
  • Premiere: 22.02.2018, Open Spaces, Tanzfabrik, Berlin
  • Technical management, Light: Marco Wehrspann
  • Artistic cooperation: Andrew Morrish
  • Production: Tanzfabrik Berlin
  • Supported by: Hauptstadtkulturfonds, in the frame of Platform East – Berlin & Eastern Europe, the Australian Government with the help of the Ministry of Arts Catalyst – Australian Arts and Culture Fund and the Australian Embassy
A performance with deliberately frayed edges. The working process is allowed to spill over into the ‘show’ and the messy bits that may have preferred to be discarded are invited in, to tug and heckle and throw light on the pristine heart of the piece. For »Live feed« Rosalind Crisp has invited a core group of four dancers who have many years of experience with her method, and 20 others, familiar with her work, join them on stage. »Live feed« celebrates Crisp’s long association with Tanzfabrik and her ongoing engagement with many Berlin-based dancers.